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Sunroom Conversion

Sunroom Conversion

Additions / Renovations

Upon moving into their new home, the homeowners were unhappy with the limited access, or flow, between the core living area (kitchen, family room, living room, and sunroom). Despite beautiful cathedral ceilings in the living room this area felt boxy and cramped, natural light from the sunroom was suppressed by the wall dividing the sunroom and living area, and there was a lack of symmetry between the boxy door units and windows at the sunroom walls and the arched entryways present on adjacent walls.

The functionality between the four rooms that form the "heart" of the house was made more efficient by opening and enlarging the living room and allowing better flow between these main living areas. The sunroom was integrated into the living room/family room quadrant by replacing the windows and doors at the sunroom walls with several arched openings. An arched entryway was created to also replace the single door unit dividing the sunroom and family room. The sunroom was renovated into a finished space matching the style and finish of the existing rooms to seamlessly enlarge the living area. The removal of the wall dividing the living room/sunroom allows natural light to be drawn into the living room from the windows previously enclosed in the former sunroom. To reduce the boxy appearance of the rectangular sunroom, we used flex corner bead to give the walls and corners of the arched opening a smooth, more rounded edge, which provided better flow and helped to encompass the narrow sunroom into the spacious living room. 


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