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Great Room Conv. & Upper Level Add

Great Room Conv. & Upper Level Add

Additions / Renovations

The homeowners' beautifully grand Dunwoody home needed to accommodate their growing family's needs. With a large floor plan that included spacious rooms and high ceilings, this young family needed to find an additional bedroom for their daughter.  Rather than add onto the home, we utilized the existing loft area in the Great Room to house a new bedroom suite directly above.  The beautiful new coffered ceiling provided a cozier feel to the already stylish Great Room, as well as added privacy between the upper (mostly bedrooms) and main levels.

The floor height for the new upper level addition had to be slightly raised to provide adequate ceiling height on the main level; but the increased elevation was easily blended with step-up entry into the bedroom.  The raised height also provides the bedroom's resident with a sense of privacy from her younger siblings next door.

This minor renovation made a big impact and was an innovative use of existing space.


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