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Costly Mistakes to Avoid During your Remodel

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Costly Mistakes to Avoid During your Remodel
March 2011

Selecting the right contractor isn’t the only key to ensuring your project’s success. Many homeowners have no idea what is really involved throughout the renovation until mistakes are made. Totally Dependable Contracting Services strives to satisfy our customers; and, to ensure that you have the best experience during your next project, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Be Prepared. Once the project is underway, the Project Manager will need input from you on key areas and will give you a deadline to present decisions on areas such as paint color, carpet choices, and many other key design elements. These are major decisions and you need to be prepared to make these decisions within the project’s scheduled time frame. You don’t want to rush any decision oriented with the design or integrity of your renovation; therefore, don’t underestimate the time needed in making important decisions about your project. The more prepared you are, the happier you will be both throughout the renovation process and with the final results.

Don’t lose project focus. During your project, you may elect to add a few un-planned additions. Since your house is already under construction, you could make a few minor improvements that will complement your renovation – these can easily be added to your project and aren’t always expensive add-ons. However, don’t get too distracted with too many minor additions, which can delay your project completion and sometimes produce sticker shock by adding major dollars to your original quote. We’re happy to help customize your project and help you identify your ultimate design goals anytime during your project.

Keep it professional - workers are not houseguests. Sure, it’s nice to be friendly with the people helping to make your dream a reality and whom you regularly see in your home for an extended period. However, too much fraternization with your construction team doesn’t produce the best results; becoming too friendly can slow productivity. Our employees are your employees for the duration of your project.

Find a designer/contractor that sees your vision – not their own. There are many great, award-winning contractors and designers available in this industry. Make sure you choose a contractor that will help you realize your vision and not their own. Totally Dependable focuses on using our design expertise and quality craftsmanship to seamlessly integrate your project’s vision into your current surroundings. We listen to you to create a design that responds to your tastes, needs, and budget. You don’t want to see your designer’s personal style in your project; our structures are renowned for their streamlined appearance so that no one can detect the addition from the existing environment.